Apprenticeships are good for business

We offer apprenticeship programmes in everything from Dental Nursing to IT, Business to Engineering and provide state-of-the-art facilities across six campuses in the heart of Scotland.

Our apprenticeship programmes offer various pathways to employment or further education, and along with Modern Apprenticeships we also provide Foundation Apprenticeships for school pupils looking to take their first steps to employment.

Our past apprentices have gone on to achieve great things, and our present ones are positive about their future after expanding their skillset with New College Lanarkshire – just read our case studies below.

We regularly assess the curriculum to ensure that apprentices are getting the training relevant to their work and practice high industry standards. 

As well as benefiting the apprentice, our programmes provide a number of organisational benefits to our partners, including: 

  • Raise your business profile
  • Enhance your reputation in the eyes of the community and customers
  • Transform the life of a young person
  • Increase the employability of a young person
  • Access to young talent, creativity and innovation
  • Exposure to potential future employees, which will save you time in your recruitment process
  • Continue to develop and grow as a business


Which apprenticeship fits your business?

Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships (FA) offer work-based learning school pupils, allowing them to get a feel for a career, achieve a vocational qualification and gain work experience alongside their school studies. 

You can get involved in various ways, including site visits, industry talks, setting industry challenges, mentoring support and practical work placements.  

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Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships (MA) offer structured, on the job training and a qualification designed for your industry. MAs to get to know your business inside out and apply their learning right away.

Whether you are hiring someone new or using the programme to upskill existing staff, we ensure apprentices get the training relevant to their work and practice high industry standards. 

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Graduate Apprenticeships 

Graduate Apprenticeships (GA) are designed by industry for industry to meet specific employer needs and attract new talent.

We will work closely with you to plan for your skill needs and help grow your business through part-time training at college on a timetable that suits you. The mix between work and learning means the work your employees do counts towards their qualification. 

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