What we do

The Key Support Team’s main role is to deal with attendance, so we work very closely with students, lecturers and CQLs to help and support maximum attendance at college. We offer an early intervention service to support students to maintain courses during your time at college. We encourage students to take responsibility for self-authorising absence and monitoring attendance. We contact you when your absence has been highlighted by the faculty and there has been no communication with yourself. We will then discuss support options available within college and arrange appointments or escort you to services which can offer additional support.  

Talk to us if...

  • You have any issues relating to your attendance at college.
  • You should contact us when you are absent from college.

Where to find us

Coatbridge Campus | Room 3 in Horizon Centre
Open 8.30am-4.30pm
Direct Dial 01236 460280

Email KSACO@nclan.ac.uk
Text 07950081237 - Students begin your text with 'KCO'.

Cumbernauld Campus | Room MB019
Open 8.30am-4.30pm
Direct Dial 01236 784536

Email KSACU@nclan.ac.uk
Text 07950081237 - Students begin your text with 'KCU'.

Motherwell Campus | Room 1A03
Open 8.30am-4.30pm
Direct Dial 01698 232549

Email KSA@nclan.ac.uk
Text 07950081237 - Students begin your text with 'KSA'.