Meet the team


John O'Hara

Senior Learner Engagement


Ross Brand

Learner Engagement

What we do...

The main objectives of the Learner Engagement Team are to:

  • Support learner participation in key decision-making processes at course, campus and college levels to ensure learner views are taken in to account.
  • Work in partnership with the Students’ Association to work actively and effectively on behalf of the student body.
  • Listen to and use learner feedback to inform self-evaluation, quality improvement processes and college services.
  • Encourage an environment of respect and trust with regards to relationships between staff and learners, which will facilitate on-going and constructive dialogue about all aspects of the learning experience.
  • Work with students to enrich their experiences though planning and contributing to college events and engaging with both the college community and wider community.
  • Collate the views and feedback of students through a range of communication channels including email, social media, Moodle and class representatives.

Talk to us if...

  • You need support as a Class Representative (training, information or advice).
  • You want to get involved in developing college services, i.e., being involved in committees and consultations.
  • You want to know more or be involved in events held by Learner Engagement in partnership with Students' Association including Job Fairs, Summerfest, Diversity, Be Engaged and Health and Wellbeing.
  • You want the support of your Learner Engagement Team and/or Students' Association to have your voice heard and your college needs met, in a respectful environment – both to staff and students.

Where to find us:

Motherwell – 1A02 – Monday to Friday

Coatbridge – Room 98A, Monday to Wednesday

Cumbernauld – Based in the Den, sharing an office with the Students’ Association, Tuesday to Friday