Health & Safety

First aid

The College provides all students with access to first aid facilities at all campuses with numerous first aid staff throughout each campus. Dedicated first aid rooms are available at Coatbridge, Cumbernauld, Kirkintilloch and Motherwell campuses. Defibrillator units are also available at each campus.


First Aid facilities

at all campuses

Complaints and Learner Behaviour


We provide an excellent experience as well as a safe and reliable learning environment for our learners. If you are dissatisfied with a particular aspect discuss it a member of staff. If you make a complaint we will respond to you within 5 days (20 days for serious complaints).


Conduct and Behaviour

At all locations in the college learners are expected to maintain a standard of behaviour in relation to their personal and academic conduct which does not risk the wellbeing or academic progress of themselves or others.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The College has arrangements in place within each campus to deal with emergencies and emergency evacuation of each building. Trained staff within each campus and building are available to perform the role of Evacuation Control Officers and Evacuation Wardens to check, direct and assist all persons to vacate the buildings.

Each building is equipped with adequate fire-fighting and smoke or heat detection equipment, electronic warning sirens and appropriate evacuation signage and information.

Emergency Evacuation chairs are positioned in the stairwells and most have communication alert systems at the Refuge areas within the stairwells to inform of specific locations to the alarm panel. Fire lifts and Refuge rooms are available in specific campuses.

Fire action notices placed throughout each building show or inform of the Assembly Points(s) for the building/campus which must be used by all persons as indicated.


Personal Emergency Escape Plans (PEEPs)

Can be prepared for anyone who requires assistance to evacuate the building in an emergency. Individuals requiring the preparation of such plan(s) have the responsibility to inform the college as soon as possible after acceptance to their course of study. PEEPs will be prepared by relevant staff within the respective faculty of study at each campus.

Where to access…

Induction health and safety and emergency evacuation procedures will be provided to all students at the commencement of their course of study.

Fire lifts - Coatbridge Campus – South Building

Refuge rooms – Motherwell Campus – Main Building - located on each of floors 1-4 - Door signs affixed.