Colleges Partnership

"We view New College Lanarkshire as a beacon of good practice, championing student and staff mobility and transnational partnerships through its work in ERASMUS+. The team supporting the ERASMUS+ work does so with vision, passion, technical rigour and a strong commitment to quality.

"Staff and students share compelling stories of the personal impact that mobility or transnational project work has on them. Strategically, the added value to the college is clear and there are important synergies with international and other business development activity.

"The award of an Erasmus+ VET charter offers testimony to the scale and quality of the mobility places offered and the genuine partnerships existing between the college and its hosting partner colleges and businesses. The college is highly respected and is regularly approached to share its experience with others in the UK and abroad.

"Attracting and retaining the funding to operate at this level takes expertise, tenacity and singular attention to detail. These characteristics run though all of the external funding activities, each reinforcing the strength and success of the other. 

Lorraine Irvine, Project Manager, Colleges Partnership