Our Strategy

Our international strategy aims to benefit and create opportunities for our learners, staff and the wider college community, as well as addressing sector challenges alongside our global partners. 

New College Lanarkshire's Internationalisation Strategy launched in January 2017 with significant progress being made in line with its objectives:

  • Create an international mind-set
  • Generate additional income
  • Future-proof New College Lanarkshire
  • Build a strong international network
  • Develop plans that ensure that we compete internationally based on our strengths
  • Create an outward-looking organisation capable of growth and change
  • Develop the learner experience




New College Lanarkshire aspires to develop international activities to make a positive contribution to partner countries, share ideas and best practice and address the Scottish Government’s priority areas i.e. the development of STEM subjects. Services include:

  • Hosting Incoming Groups
  • Providing Support Services and Educational Programmes
  • Outgoing Staff and Learners

Hosting Incoming Groups

NCL host a range of incoming groups from partner organisations for the purposes of training and partnership development; internationalising campus life and creating an international mind-set. 

NCL offer exceptional Scottish learning experiences in chosen specialist subjects with key benefits: 

  • Provide an exciting, comprehensive and certified learning experience
  • Increase employability and develop skillsets in the chosen career path
  • Are the trusted choice for career development
  • The chance to make international connections with organisations and people
  • The chance to experience living in Scotland 

Chinese dental students complete placement at NCL. 

For further information, please contact Hazel Scott at Hazel.Scott@nclan.ac.uk 


Providing Support Services and Education Programmes

NCL co-operate with a range of partners on joint programmes designed to enhance international standards of education offering. 

  • Educational content, training and materials.
  • Learning experience packages.

Examples include: 

China Dental Programme 


International Skills Partnership







For further information, please contact Hazel Scott at Hazel.Scott@nclan.ac.uk 


Outgoing Staff and Learners

NCL support a number of international staff training and exchange opportunities for the benefit of staff and learners. These opportunities offer: 

  • an exciting and complete student experience
  • the chance to make international connections with organisations and people to experience living and learning abroad
  • life changing cultural insights and experiences. 

International Credit Mobility: Chippewa Valley Technical College, Wisconsin USA 

Gateway Technical College, Wisconsin USA




For further information, please contact Hazel Scott at Hazel.Scott@nclan.ac.uk 


Latest News

Chinese Dental Students Complete Placement at NCL

Monday 7 January 2019 

Students and lecturers from two colleges and universities in China recently bid farewell to staff and students at New College Lanarkshire after spending eight weeks at the College on an educational and cultural and training programme.

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Staff Members Strengthen Partnership Relations with China Visit

Monday 10 December 2018

Three staff members have recently returned from China after a visit to confirm a new partnership with Heze Medical College in Shandong Province.

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Heze Medical College Representatives Visit NCL



Wednesday 3 October 2018

Visitors from a Chinese medical college recently visited New College Lanarkshire (NCL) to discuss joining forces to deliver dental nursing programmes in China.

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