I became a Modern Apprentice after I had tried two university courses – Accounting and then Primary School Teaching – and didn’t enjoy either.

My parents refused to let me finish university until I had something to go to so I did an internet search for an apprenticeship and came across one for a major financial sector business. 

I had enjoyed doing two Highers in Computing Science and Information & Computer Technology and I’d done well in them but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


Now I’m working in a business analyst role which involves helping develop apps for internal use by staff working across the entire company, including overseas. Staff come to us if they want a mobile app created for training purposes or for something like recording expenses.

I’m about 18 months into my two-year apprenticeship which should lead to me getting a Diploma in ICT and Telecoms Professional (SCQF Level 6) in the summer.

I’m also doing a HND in Computing Science alongside my apprenticeship so I go to New College Lanarkshire’s Motherwell Campus every Wednesday. 

I did my HNC in the first year of my apprenticeship and got an A but it’s getting a bit tougher now because there’s some coding and I wasn’t good at that at school. That’s where the lecturers are able to help me – they’ve been very good and supportive, great at answering questions. 


I like going to college because there’s a bunch of us from the same company who go. We don’t get a chance to see each other at work so it’s great to catch-up and help each other with the course work.

We’re about to start work on a project which will be a graded unit and I’m looking forward to that. 

After my exams I’m hoping to take some time off and go to Australia. 

I want to go travelling there but the apprenticeship has qualified me for a sponsored skilled visa, which gives me another option if I need to top up my spending money! 

I’ve finally found something that I really like and things are definitely looking up. If I had stayed on at university I might never have had the opportunities I’ve got now.