“Doing a Modern Apprenticeship helped me get my confidence back”


My first training was at a teaching hospital, I really enjoyed it, however, due to difficult circumstances, I could not continue with my studies. I was devastated when I left and lost confidence. I wasn’t feeling good about myself and didn’t know what to do, and thought I’d just go back to college to do more Highers.

After getting back on track, a neighbour who’d encouraged me into dental nursing in the first place heard that one of the local dental clinics, Millersneuk Dental Practice in Lenzie, was looking for some to cover a dental nurse’s maternity leave. I thought, this is my second chance, I’ve learned so much on the practical side of the job that it would be a waste to give it up. So I handed in my CV and got called in.


I was totally honest with the practice manager, Caroline, about my reasons for giving up on the first course and they understood why I couldn’t finish the course. But they decided to give me a chance.

Being a Modern Apprentice has been exactly the right way for me to learn. 

Everyone at Millersneuk has been really helpful and friendly. I’ve worked closely on a one- to-one basis with my assessor from New College Lanarkshire to complete my portfolio and I completed an intense course to prepare me for the external dental nursing exam at the Coatbridge Campus of New College Lanarkshire. So I’ve ended up with an SVQ Level 3 in Dental Nursing and my Modern Apprenticeship certificate. 


I loved going to the Coatbridge Campus once a week at night time to learn about things like microbiology, radiography and orthodontics, which is something I’d love to specialise in. I’ve been at the braces stage myself so I’d like to help others who have to get them!  

The timing of my course means that I’m qualifying at the same time as the people who I was training with at my first place and became friends with – I wanted to do that and it’s nice to be able to celebrate at the same time as them. 

I lost a lot of confidence after my first time training, but when I got the opportunity to do the Modern Apprenticeship it came back again. I don’t feel a failure now.