Creative Writing

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The Creative Writing evening course is designed to allow students to explore the techniques involved inĀ imaginative proseĀ and to enhance their confidence and competence in writing. Furthermore, it can be used to encourage self-expression and to develop an awareness of the creative possibilities of language. There is also the opportunity to receive a formal SQA qualification.

Throughout the programme, students will be introduced to various types of creative writing: from autobiographical to script writing. This allows students to engage in different elements of writing output and encourages them to find an area where they feel they engage with the style and structure, providing a platform to express themselves and perhaps follow in the illustrious footsteps of Austen, Shakespeare or Doyle.


A passion for writing and an imaginative mindset are all that is required.


Develop your skills across different genres - from reflective writing to scenario-based writing - and explore aspects such as setting, characterisation and plot, while using literary techniques to engage the target reader.

Successful completion of the course will result in achievement of the SQA unit: Creative Writing (Level 6) J50S46