Leadership at Work

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This free short course is for those who have current experience of working in a position with management responsibilities.  It is also an excellent preparation for those with no management experience but who have realistic aspirations of taking up a management role in the future.

During the course, you will analyse approaches to leadership and apply them to leading a team within an organisation.  You will also understand the importance of leadership approaches in motivating, supporting and directing people to achieve the vision and objectives for a team in a given work area.


There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, we would expect applicants to possess good communication skills.  It would also be beneficial for applicants to have some knowledge of management and business principles.


This course will enable you to analyse approaches to leadership and understand the differences between leadership and management.  You will also analyse team leadership with a focus on the factors influencing team development, team visions with both team and individual objectives, planning and controlling team activities and motivating, supporting and encouraging team members.