Art student James McCaig designs NCL’s Equality and Diversity logo


New College Lanarkshire has unveiled the winning design for its Equality & Diversity logo – which has been created by art student James McCaig.

James currently studies HND Art and Design at our Kirkintilloch Campus.

A storyboard outlining the transition from initial concept to the final design has been produced and will go on display at all six campuses across Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire.

It outlines James’ decision to create a swallow design, as they live in communities and he wanted the bird image to reflect how lecturers provide support to all students.

James, whose career goal is to become an art teacher, said: “This is actually the first competition that I was willing to enter – I spent many years doubting myself to the point where I missed out on a lot of things.

“The more I developed the bird design, the more it became meaningful, and I wanted something that fitted in with my experience.

“I’m really happy with the design and its journey – I knew from looking at the original that it would need to be changed, so I let it change in order to see what needed to be done.

“I wanted to do this competition for me, really – I wanted to prove a point to myself that I could do it and do it well; that I just need more self-confidence.”

The competition to design a logo was launched in December 2018, with 25 entries submitted. The runner-up was HND Art and Design student Karen Morris.

Stephanie Kirkham, Equality and Diversity Adviser at New College Lanarkshire, said: “The unique and eye-catching logo ensures that staff, students and stakeholders are aware that Equality and Diversity is a prominent aspect of our values and ethos as an organisation.

“The piece that James submitted was particularly striking – as NCL covers a wide geographical area, the sparrow’s open wings reflected this.

“He has produced an excellent piece of work and it’s exciting to take this logo forward both internally and externally.

“We will continuously strive to ensure that Equality and Diversity is embedded in everything we do, and this trademark reflects this commitment.”

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