Case study: Liam Gillies - Men in Childcare


Childcare is a job for every parent, male or female, as Liam Gillies discovered after becoming a parent in 2015.

Now father to two boys, Rory (5) and Logan (2), Liam took his dedication to the care and development of his children a step further by opting to studying childcare at New College Lanarkshire.

The 29-year-old from Kirkintilloch started studying at the Cumbernauld Campus soon after the birth of Rory, completing Level 5 Preparation for Childcare before going on to complete Level 6 Early Education and Childcare.

Now studying HNC Childhood Practice, Liam hasn’t regretted a minute of his decision to make childcare his full time profession as well as at home.

He said: “The development of my children has fascinated me and it really got me interested in learning more about childcare and how I could help other children.

“My wife Nicola and I are both really proud of how our boys are growing and developing, and knowing that a big part of that is to do with our parenting fills us with a lot of pride.

 “My children are my biggest achievement to date and their development is why I wanted to work with children as a profession. Their continuous milestones keeps me motivated to succeed.

“When I decided to look into the childcare industry, I was impressed at the range of courses on offer at the Cumbernauld Campus, which is local to me – ideal as I did not drive at the time. The progression path of the courses was really appealing and the subjects looked interesting, with great opportunities.

 “College is also a great way to feel part of a team as you have a lot of support, placement opportunities and regular assessments to ensure you are reaching your full potential.

“Access to childcare funding has also been a huge help and ensures I am financially able to study towards a better future for my family while supporting my children at the same time.

“I think more men should look into studying childcare as it is important for children to have both male and female role models in their life to help their development. It is a female dominated industry but one which benefits from the skills of anyone and is highly rewarding.”

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