College ‘Recognised for Excellence’ by Quality Scotland


The College has achieved the first stage of Quality Scotland’s Levels of Excellence programme – a recognition scheme acknowledged all over Europe for organisations that are high-performing, have a culture of excellence, and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

The award recognises successful efforts by the College to implement excellence and good practice, and offers the benefits of a structured approach to identifying organisational strengths and areas for improvement.

Following assessment of three college quality projects the College has achieved success in the Committed to Excellence category of the programme.

Ian McCallum, Quality Manager at New College Lanarkshire, said:

“It is a great success for the College to be ‘Recognised for Excellence’ as it demonstrates that we are heading in the right direction to providing the highest quality of service for our students, staff and stakeholders.

The award demonstrates the College’s commitment to its mission – to ensure learners are well prepared for the future by providing innovative, high quality, relevant learning careers, life and success. Supporting people business, economy and sustainable development of Scotland.”

The Quality Team, alongside members of staff from across the College, presented three projects that have been undertaken over the past year - including projects about the student survey, bursaries and lean admissions.

Assessors from Quality Scotland analysed the project plans and outputs then interviewed members of the project teams. These were then scored against the EFQM excellence model and written feedback was provided to help the College continue to improve and develop. 

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