College validated for professional update


New College Lanarkshire has been validated by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) for its commitment to supporting the professional learning and development of lecturing staff.

The validation follows an event held at New College Lanarkshire in August 2018 when a GTCS panel heard about the college’s professional learning policy for professional review and development.

GTCS Senior Education Officer Vikki Robertson said:

“The Senior Leadership team at New College Lanarkshire showed clear commitment to professional learning. There was a focus on enabling individual members of staff to build ownership of their professional learning.”

The validation report stated: “All staff involved in the validation event should be commended for their open and honest approach and commitment to engage fully in discussions around professional update and professional learning.”

New College Lanarkshire is a six campus college with approximately 550 teaching staff. GTCS has awarded a quality mark to validate the college’s professional review and development (PRD) policy and processes for a five-year period to 2023.

Since 2014, teachers in Scotland working in local authority schools, national organisations and universities (in teacher education) have been required to commit to engaging in ongoing professional learning across their career. This process is called Professional Update and it is a requirement of professional registration with GTCS.

The process requires teachers and lecturers to engage in career-long professional learning through the PRD process in college, self-evaluate using the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges and/or GTCS Professional Standards, maintain a reflective professional learning record and discuss the impact of this professional learning through professional dialogue with a line manager. This ongoing process is signed off every five years through GTCS. All local authorities in Scotland, universities delivering teacher education and independent schools have their PRD policy and processes validated by GTCS for Professional Update.

Engagement in Professional Update is currently voluntary for the Scottish college sector, as is professional registration with GTCS for college lecturers. New College Lanarkshire is the ninth regional college in Scotland to work in partnership with GTCS to gain validation for Professional Update.

Martin McGuire, Principal and Chief Executive of New College Lanarkshire, said: “New College Lanarkshire is delighted to be accredited by GTCS in this way, which is an endorsement of the College’s commitment to developing its staff.

“NCL has a significant number of GTCS-registered teaching staff and this validation enables us to fully support their development as professional and reflective practitioners, to the benefit of our students.

“Over the coming months, the College will be seeking to build on this validation to enhance our approach to professional learning for all College staff.”

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