Dental Nursing students launch campus pop-up shop


A student-led enterprise promoting dental health has opened in NCL’s Coatbridge Campus.

Run by Level 5 Dental Nursing students, the pop-up shop ‘32 Happy Teeth’, offers staff, students and the local community high quality dental products at discounted prices as well as free advice on dental health.

Hosted on a market stall within the campus atrium on the first Monday of every month, all profits raised are donated to the Oral Health Foundation’s ‘Save a Smile’ campaign, helping people across the UK achieve better oral health.

A member of the enterprise group said: “Poor oral health can affect your general health and by brushing twice a day and cleaning in between your teeth every day you may reduce your risk of heart disease. So, we decided that we should have educational leaflets as well as dental products.”

Another student commented: “A member of my family has had mouth cancer, so we wanted to sell lip balm with SPF in it to raise awareness of oral cancer prevention.”

Prior to launching the stall in December 2019, the students carried out research into the various products on the market and met with Colgate representative Scott Lawrie to assist with their research.

Lecturer Lesley McIntosh said: “Scott was impressed with the enthusiasm the class had for helping the students and staff of NCL to improve their dental health.

“The students were particularly interested in the recycling scheme that Colgate run in conjunction with TerraCycle®, so we have registered the Coatbridge Campus to be a drop off point for recycling oral care products and packaging – details of which should be available soon!”

The pop-up shop was created as part of NCL’s ‘Market Day’ initiative, a student enterprise project led by the College’s Learner Engagement Team in partnership with Bridge2Business.

The initiative aims to get students involved in extra-curricular activities to develop their skillset outside the classroom while putting their existing knowledge into practice.

Lesley continued: “Being part of the Market Day project will give students first-hand experience in procurement, marketing, communication and sales as well as adding to their confidence in sharing their dental knowledge.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom while positively impacting the college community.”

Applications are now open for courses in Dental Nursing. Visit for more information.

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