Securities apprentices benefit from donation of security fogging unit


New College Lanarkshire apprentices are to benefit from the donation of a cutting-edge ‘Fog Bandit’ device.

Modern Apprentices working towards a qualification in Electronic Fire & Security Systems will use the equipment as part of their training.

The high speed security fogging unit, worth around £1,500, was donated by Fog Bandit UK to provide the next generation of engineers an insight into security fogging and its applications.

Once triggered, the system creates a dense cloud of fog to deter criminals – and works on the simple premise that ‘what can’t be seen can’t be stolen’.

The patented, high-pressure mechanism delivers security fog at a rate of 28 cubic metres per second, projecting it six metres in the first two seconds.

Its sensors can detect an intruder during overnight protection mode, or a personal alarm can be raised during the daytime.

It is designed to be used in businesses or premises where valuable stock or equipment can be obscured from sight until the authorities arrive.

The same system helped foil an attempted jewellery robbery in Glasgow’s Argyll Arcade in 2014.

Fog Bandit UK Sales Manager Dave Jordan provided training on the equipment to students and staff at our Motherwell Campus, in addition to giving a dramatic demonstration outside the Engineering building.

He said: “It is very important for students to have access and exposure to the latest equipment and an understanding of crime trends and commercial applications.

“We hope this donation will broaden awareness and understanding of security fog for the next generation of engineers across Scotland and further afield.”

David Scott, Curriculum and Quality Leader for Built Environment and Securities at New College Lanarkshire, said: “Many of the lecturing team and students have had experience using the Fog Bandit, but due to a number of factors we have not yet had the opportunity to introduce it into our curriculum.

“Initial feedback from our students has been fantastic, as previously many of our students’ first encounters with a Fog Bandit would have been on a live site.

“Kind donations like this mean that we can continue to thrive in the delivery of Electronic Fire and Security Systems training.” 

New College Lanarkshire is one of only four centres in Scotland to offer training for Modern Apprentices in Securities.

Some apprentices travel from as far afield as Aberdeen and Dumfries to attend classes. They are taught about the four aspects of the industry: CCTV, Fire, Access Control, and Intruder Alarms.

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