Sports students attend Spain training camp


NQ Football Performance students have returned from a two week Erasmus-funded training camp in Murcia, Spain, where they experienced the demands of a professional footballer – eating, sleeping, resting and training like a professional player. Sports and Fitness students also joined the group to take part in intensive practical and theoretical study.

NQ Football Performance students coaching youths in Murcia

Students typically trained for two days with a recovery day in between. On training days they would undertake conditioning training each morning, with technical and tactical training taking place in the evenings.

The Football Performance students also had the chance to train at Balsicas FC’s training ground to help develop their tactics, while sports and fitness students used the opportunity to complete notational analysis work on individual players to help develop their performance.

Throughout the training days students recorded their maximum and average heart rates along with their pre and post training weights to help monitor their training loads and hydration levels to ensure optimum performance.

Curriculum Quality Leader, Todd Lumsden said:

“The exchange engages so much more than just the practical work experience the participants take part in – students are developing life skills, discipline, teamwork, confidence and resilience for both their career and life skills. Giving them the independence to monitor their own training loads meant that they were pushing themselves harder, reaching levels of fitness they didn’t know they had.

A lot of what the group experienced in Murcia will stay with them for years to come, ensuring what they learnt  becomes integral to their daily approach to college, work and life itself.

I would like to thank all the teaching staff who helped throughout the fortnight and thank Bobby McLernon who made sure the staff and students had what they needed during the training camp.”

The students were joined by lecturers Allan Moore, Sandy Clark, Alasdair Breton and CQL Todd Lumsden.

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