Students and local businesses to benefit from new partnership


New College Lanarkshire has announced a joint venture with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) which will provide unique business opportunities for staff and students along with benefits to FSB members.

The College has partnered with FSB, the UK’s largest non-profit business support organisation, to jointly host local networking events and expand its business reach in the area.

The partnership was launched with a series of breakfast networking events, attended by key figures from both New College Lanarkshire and FSB. Over 50 businesses attended each of the sessions.

The College’s existing business hub – the Lanarkshire Business Hub, sponsored by North and South Lanarkshire Councils - currently offers free workshops, advice and networking opportunities to local businesses in Lanarkshire. The partnership will allow these to be developed in conjunction with FSB to expand the network of attendees and provide broader resources.

The two coming together will provide a range of benefits for college staff and students including developing work experience opportunities and FSB members offering discounts and benefits, in return increasing their revenue.

Derek Smeall, Vice Principal: Strategy at New College Lanarkshire, said: “The Lanarkshire Business Hub has been a hugely successful venture since its establishment last year, and this new venture with FSB will further enhance its offering.

“Members of FSB and the Lanarkshire Business Hub will see many benefits of the partnership, particularly with its links to New College Lanarkshire and its vast resources.

“In a community such as Lanarkshire, small businesses need as much support as they can get, so I wish every success to FSB as it partners with the Lanarkshire Business Hub.”

FSB is UK’s largest business organisation with 1,300 members in Lanarkshire. It supports smaller firms with exclusive member benefits including free legal advice, tax protection, insurance package and cheaper energy deals. As an independent organisation, it stands up for smaller firms on key issues such as business rates, procurement and broadband.

Tony Higgins, Chair of FSB Lanarkshire, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for FSB members to work more closely with the college on procurement, recruitment, training and promotion.

“I am impressed by the college’s enthusiasm to do more with local firms, which demonstrates their tradition and commitment to support local communities.

“I would encourage our members to make the most of this opportunity to help themselves, the college and its learners grow and thrive.”

With over 20,000 learners, 1,000 staff members and 250 members on the Lanarkshire Business Hub, New College Lanarkshire continuously develops its commercial partnerships and seeks to offer the best opportunities to its students, staff members and local businesses.

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