Students cater for regional competition


Students from the Faculty of Supported Learning recently put their skills into action when they catered for a three-day regional competition held at the Kirkintilloch Campus.  

Working from Mather’s Café within the campus, the students on the Employability in Action course prepared and served a buffet for competitors, judges, lecturers and external visitors of the Electronic Fire and Securities Regional Competition, part of WorldSkills UK.  

Mather’s Café offers the main catering service within the Kirkintilloch campus while developing the students’ hospitality and employability skills for the future. The experience will contribute to their studies towards a SVQ qualification in Hospitality. 

The café opened in 2018 to give students on the Employability in Action course skills and experience in food preparation, health and safety and customer service.  

With many different learning disabilities from ADHD to Autism, the café aims to give students the confidence and necessary skills to find a career and become independent for the future. 

Jacqueline Harper, Lecturer in the Faculty of Supported Learning, said: “Events like these are an integral part of the students learning - not only do they get to showcase their skills and represent the College but it also highlights to themselves how far they have come on their journey.   

“Many of the students have never cooked before and may have anxiety or other issues, so being able to organise, produce and serve at an event is a massive achievement for them and I am very proud to have them as my students.” 

The café is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 13:30 serving breakfast, lunch, homemade cakes and daily specials, all made on the premises. The café is open to members of the public as well as students and staff.  

For more information about the Employability in Action course, visit: 

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