Travel students share motivation to succeed


Hearing the experiences of others is always a great motivation for success, and for NQ Travel and Tourism students at New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld Campus, hearing from students who recently completed the course was the perfect motivator.

Former NQ students now HNC students, Yaw Niemo and Harry Lovatt, recently visited the students on the NQ course to give a presentation about their time on the course and share their top tips for success.

The pair also delivered a presentation on market segmentation – a topic currently being introduced to the NQ students and one which the HNC students are studying in-depth later this year.

One student, Gemma Laird, commented on how helpful it was to hear from other students who had completed the course, saying: “The presentation gave me a good insight into how the course is going to progress and how it can open up lots of pathways in the industry. They also inspired me to keep going, even when struggling, and that if I put my mind to it and put the work in, everything will work out fine.”

Samantha Houston echoed this, saying: “The presentation helped me realise that other students struggle too, but problems can always be overcome.”

Sharon Duff also agreed, saying: “I learned that everyone probably has the same nerves and fears but Harry and Yaw helped encouraged us to not give up when feeling the pressure as just being organised and turning up does make a difference.”

Classmate Scott Palmer also commented: “When I first came on the course I was nervous and unsure about what was going to come of it, but Harry and Yaw’s talk gave me reassurance about what is ahead in the course and it helped me a relax a bit. They were both so confident and weren’t nervous to speak in front of the class and really encouraged us all to keep going and never give up. It was extremely motivating.”

Alison Laljee also appreciated the advice, saying: “The tips we were given about backing up work and starting assessments as soon as you get them, was very helpful. I do feel inspired and more motivated to succeed on the course and to go onto a career in Travel and Tourism.”

Class Lecturer, Angie McCallum, commended the pair for their presentation, saying: “I am very proud of Harry and Yaw and how far they have come with the help of everyone at the College.

“They too were nervous and lacking in confidence when they first started at the College, but the presentation they gave was extremely confident and constructive.

“They have first-hand experience of how these students will feel and I thought it would be a useful exercise to help retain and motivate the NQ students – and it seems to have worked. 

“Every student thinks that they struggle alone, but they don’t - we have all been there.  Hopefully now they will realise that many are in the same boat.

“My thanks to the boys for giving up their time to talk to the NQ students.”

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