Virtual Reality headsets help Sport students grasp physiology


Sport students have used Virtual Reality headsets to help them better understand human anatomy and physiology.

The College’s E-learning team worked with Chris Wilson, a Sports Lecturer at our Motherwell Campus, to allow HNC Fitness, Health & Exercise students to use Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets.

The VR tutorial took place as part of a course unit in Exercise Physiology & Anatomy.

It allowed students to learn the components of the cardiovascular system and follow the progress of a single red blood cell as it travels through the bloodstream transporting oxygen.

E-Learning Technologist Chris Jack said: “Instead of reading about the bloodstream, this allowed the students to see and hear what it would be like inside the human body in 360 degrees and HD.

“The students loved the experience and were raving about the quality of the app and how it made it easier to understand the inner workings of the blood cell.

“They can’t wait until the next VR Friday and the next mini adventure.”

Lecturer Chris Wilson said: “The use of innovative technology such as VR headsets in the classroom setting is an effective way to engage students in complex material.

“Its use is often novel and of interest to the students – they can easily relate to the technology and are confident in its use.

“Each student was transported into an artery, carried along in the blood flow, learning the main structure and function of key components.

“The VR tutorial really had a wow factor and that was clear from the reaction we received from the students.

“They are looking forward to using them again and as more software becomes available, the use of this form of technology and the wider concept of gamification as a learning tool can be fully appreciated.”

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