Andrew left Clyde Valley High School after fourth year and took on an apprenticeship in welding with a local company. Six months later he was paid off.

De-motivated and unemployed, he applied to the welding course at New College Lanarkshire’s Motherwell Campus. He successfully completed his studies and got another job – but soon realised that his heart wasn’t in it and that welding may not be the career for him.

“I learned a lot from my time on the welding course and out in the industry, but I wasn’t passionate about the trade, it wasn’t motivating me and wasn’t what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. I wanted a career that I could see myself enjoy doing forever while having limitless opportunities. So when I saw the Barbering course at New College Lanarkshire, I knew I had to take the chance.”

Andrew now studies on the Level 6 Barbering course at the Coatbridge Campus and hopes to continue developing his skills in the trade to eventually open his own barber shop one day.

“I’ve always been interested in styling hair, and have cut and styled a few of my mates’. It’s a world away from welding but I have always been quite creative so knew this would allow me to turn my interest and creative skills into a hopefully successful career. The course so far has been great and my lecturers are really supportive. The facilities in the campus are incredible and give you experience of working in real-life barbering environment. The opportunities at the College are also great – we are encouraged to enter into competitions, research our own styles and deal with real-life clients. I look forward to continuing learning and developing my barbering skills at New College Lanarkshire as I work towards my ideal career.”








“I wanted a career that I could see myself enjoy doing forever while having limitless opportunities."

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