Case Study detail

Blair Munn, 21, who lives in Stenhousemuir, worked his way up the ranks at our specialist sports campus at Broadwood, progressing from NC Football Performance through HNC to HND Coaching & Developing Sport.

He has secured a scholarship in Nova Scotia, Canada to continue his academic studies and sports training.

The thing about studying at Broadwood Campus that most appealed to me was that I could get a qualification at the same time as playing football – and that I’d be working under professional coaches who have been involved in top-level football. I liked the idea of having the chance to improve as a player, but also to improve in the classroom.

I most enjoyed playing football every day, being in the gym and learning in the classroom from ex-players and coaches. The facilities are great and the campus has everything you need to improve.

The most important thing I have learned is that hard work, dedication and a positive attitude towards every area will result in you improving as a player, coach and person.

If I had to pick out a highpoint, it would be getting the chance to go to Spain twice for training camps.

If anyone is thinking about doing a similar course, I would say to them to do the course and it will be a huge success if you work hard and listen. It really does provide great opportunities.

In ten years’ time, I would like to be working in the sports industry, ideally in football. My dream job would be working as a coach of professional or youth players.