While attending Biggar High School she was given the opportunity to try a taster programme in manufacturing at a local college – New College Lanarkshire’s legacy Motherwell Campus. Now in her final months of a Modern Apprenticeship in Fire and Security, Corrie has never looked back.

“I left school at the end of fifth year and started Motherwell College (now New College Lanarkshire) doing a National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I had always known I wanted to work in a trade – even though I was the only girl out of my group of friends who was interested in this type of work!

When I left school I completed an NC in Electrical Engineering. However having just received full-time employment at a local hotel and with personal commitments, I took the decision not to pursue the HNC. But I missed college – the environment, the people and the learning opportunities. It was leaving that made me realise how much I did want to pursue a career in electrical. So I enrolled on a pre-apprenticeship course at the New College Lanarkshire to try and get my foot back in the door as I wasn’t sure how far I would get in industry with only my NC.

I was then offered an apprenticeship with Connelly’s Security Systems, a Glasgow-based company where I knew some of my former classmates and industry contacts worked. They offered to take me on as an apprentice while doing a day-release at New College Lanarkshire.

I love doing the Modern Apprenticeship as every week I learn something new that will help me in my career. The facilities and equipment replicate industry-standard which helps develop my knowledge while enhancing my confidence in the workplace. All the lecturers and assessors provide a great network and I know I can get in touch with any of them at any time if I have a problem or need support.

“The apprenticeship with Connelly’s has allowed me to learn new disciplines while building my existing knowledge of others – which will be beneficial for me getting further in my career. I hope that my success on the programme can encourage more females to join the industry as it is often perceived as a “man job”. But it isn’t! It offers a varied career that requires skill and problem-solving and you face different challenges every day.

I would definitely recommend a Modern Apprenticeship – it’s something that can tie in with your life to help you gain fantastic opportunities while earning a wage.”



“I love doing the Modern Apprenticeship as every week I learn something new that will help me in my career."

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