Case Study detail

Helen Fleming, 42, who lives in Hamilton, is a student of HND Photography at our Motherwell Campus.

She has already completed a Higher, NC and HNC in Photography.

I chose New College Lanarkshire after speaking to people who had previously studied Photography. They told me how the skills they had learned helped them to start their photography careers.

I like that the course has a good variety of subjects covering all aspects of photography. You learn not only the practical lessons but the theory behind why you are doing something, which in turn gives you a good understanding of how to carry out all tasks confidently.

I have learned a lot from this course, but by far the most important thing is the value of team work.

My personal highpoint would have to be seeing three of my images up on the wall in our student exhibition and winning HNC Student of the Year.

Photography students are very lucky to have all the latest equipment to use in our photography studios, which are maintained to a very high standard. The facilities are also very good at the Motherwell Campus.

If anyone is thinking about doing a similar course, I would advise them to go for it. I have made great friends and have learned so much on this course. When you factor in the facilities, the equipment and the lecturers, you couldn’t ask for more.

The support that we receive from our lecturers is amazing. The door is always open to ask for help and support. For me, that is one of the main things that makes New College Lanarkshire the best place to study.

In ten years’ time, I would like to have my own successful photography studio.

My dream job would be working as the creative director of a high profile magazine, like Vogue or GQ.