Welcome from our Principal

Professor Christopher M Moore

Principal and Chief Executive

A very warm welcome to New College Lanarkshire.

Creating, developing and supporting excellent opportunities for learning sits at the very heart of all that we believe and all that we do at New College Lanarkshire.

We believe in the power of education.

We know that education can transform the lives of individuals and we understand that learning can make it a better world for us all.  Indeed, it is our absolute belief in the positive power of education that motivates and directs our fantastic members of staff in all that they do.

We believe in our students.  

We are committed to providing an engaging, stimulating and enjoyable experience for our students. We have developed a comprehensive range of exciting and relevant courses that support our students’ career aspirations and their personal ambitions.  Furthermore, we understand and support the well-being needs of our students and we strive to create a learning environment in our College that is fair, supportive, inclusive and friendly.

We believe in our Region.

Lanarkshire is a great place to live and work and at New College Lanarkshire we recognise the critical role that the College must play in achieving the social, economic and cultural aspirations of our area. We contribute to the advancement of Lanarkshire through the outstanding learning opportunities that we provide and the high impact partnerships that we have within the public, business and third sectors.

With all good wishes

Professor Christopher M Moore
Principal and Chief Executive