Our Strategy

Our international strategy aims to benefit and create opportunities for our learners, staff and the wider college community, as well as addressing sector challenges alongside our global partners. 

New College Lanarkshire's Internationalisation Strategy launched in January 2017 with significant progress being made in line with its objectives:

  • Create an international mind-set
  • Generate additional income
  • Future-proof New College Lanarkshire
  • Build a strong international network
  • Develop plans that ensure that we compete internationally based on our strengths
  • Create an outward-looking organisation capable of growth and change
  • Develop the learner experience


New College Lanarkshire aspires to develop international activities to make a positive contribution to partner countries, share ideas and best practice and address the Scottish Government’s priority areas i.e. the development of STEM subjects.

Services include:

International News

The latest international news from New College Lanarkshire, featuring top stories from around the college.

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Hazel Scott, International Activity Manager