Students and lecturers from China get a taste of Scottish culture at NCL


Students and lecturers from three partner colleges and universities across China have said farewell to staff and students at NCL after spending eight weeks at the College on an educational and cultural training programme.

The group of six students and three lecturers, who specialise in areas of dentistry, general nursing and other life science courses, visited the College to study in the state-of-the-art dental facilities in the Coatbridge Campus, taking part in classroom observations and practices, as well as experiencing different teaching methods.

Four students and two lecturers came from Shijiazhuang Medical College in Hebei Province, one student from Chifeng University in Inner Mongolia and two lecturers from Youjiang Medical University, Guanxi Province.

As well as studying Dental Nursing, the group took part in bespoke English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) lessons and enjoyed various cultural activities organised by the NCL Students’ Association - including Strathclyde Park Bonfire Night, a Taste of Scotland event organised by the Students’ Association and shopping trips to Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

Their programme finished with a Christmas-themed farewell party where the children from the Coatbridge Nursery entertained everyone with Christmas songs.

Hazel Scott, International Activity Manager at NCL, said: “Thanks to all the students and staff who were involved in making our visitors so welcome. They really enjoyed their visit and were very impressed with the facilities we have on offer.

“Following on from this successful programme, we look forward to welcoming students and teachers from Shijiazhuang Medical College, Chifeng and Youjiang Universities in the future.”

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