The application process

Learn about all the important things you need to know when applying to New College Lanarkshire (NCL), including when to apply, what you need to do as an applicant, and what happens after you've submitted your application.

Discovering the perfect college course is your pathway to achieving new career goals, entering a different industry, and pursuing your dreams and ambitions. Here are some valuable tips to guide you along the way.

We're excited that you've decided to pursue your education at NCL! To begin your application and assist you throughout, here are some useful tips.

What comes next? Let's talk about how you can keep tabs on your application and get some handy tips for your interview.

Your college course offer is in, and now it's time to map out the next steps in your application process.

As you prepare to begin your studies at New College Lanarkshire, we extend a warm welcome to all incoming and returning students. To help get you started, here's some essential information for a successful start to your course.