Published: 26/01/2024

NCL students take part in unique social experiment

Social Science students participated in ‘peacetime to wartime’ exercise at Glasgow Caledonian University.

During their day trip, the Level 6 and HNC students engaged in a unique exercise that involved assuming the roles of sympathetic military personnel in a wartime scenario. The exercise challenged their perspectives and encourage discussions on ethical decision-making while under extreme pressure.

Levi White, NCL Social Science lecturer, said ‘The purpose of this exercise was to encourage our students to think critically, challenge their assumptions, and engage in constructive dialogue’.

She went on: “This experience at Glasgow Caledonian University, created by Dr Ben Shepherd, facilitated exactly that. The hope is that one day this exercise will be transformed into a video game and our students will be acknowledged for their contributions, thoughts, and time they have given to help create this.”

Dr Ben Shepherd, Reader in History at GCU who created the experiment said ‘It was excellent to see a switched-on group of students get so involved in this exercise’.

He went on: “From the way they were on the day, and from their feedback afterwards, it’s clear that they really got to grips with the question of how, under certain circumstances, ordinary people can be readied to commit the most awful crimes in the name of racism.”

The day was rounded off with a comprehensive tour of the University, leaving an indelible impression on the visiting students. Many of the students expressed their hopes to continue their studies at Glasgow Caledonian University after completing their time at New College Lanarkshire.