Music and Sound Production MI
Published: 01/01/0001

Students sing out for charity!

Classmates release tracks for good causes.

As part of their course students from the Sound Production and Music Performance degree were asked to work together to produce some brand new music.

The collaboration brought forth a diverse range of talents, with students contributing their skills in songwriting, recording, and performing.

Two standout groups chose to support important causes with their tracks. The first group, consisting of Victoria Paxton (BA Music Performance), Davor MacLeod (BA Sound), John Langlands (BA Sound), and Jessica Hannan (BA Music Performance), decided to raise money for Say Women. This charity provides support to survivors of sexual abuse aged 16-25 who are homeless or facing homelessness.

Their track, "Whitenoise," can be found on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going directly to Say Women. Victoria Paxton shared that the song was inspired by the challenges women face in a patriarchal world, and it felt right to support a charity addressing these issues.

You can purchase the track here.

The second group, decided on the name ‘Dream Lances’ comprised of Nathan Massie (BA Sound), Sean Thompson (BA Sound), Caleb Arthur (BA Sound), Erryn Cullen-Young (BA Music Performance), Alex Yuen-Trench (BA Music Performance), and Lucy Boyle (BA Music Performance), chose to support Music Broth. This organization is an instrument library that removes barriers for all groups, ensuring equitable access to music making.

You can purchase their track here.

Victoria Paxton revealed that "Whitenoise" was initially written on her acoustic guitar and later transformed into a full-band tune. The group collaborated with session musicians and chose to support Say Women due to the charity's outstanding work in providing support and resources for young women facing abuse and homelessness.

The other group, led by Sean Thompson, discussed their influences, mentioning artists like Tame Impala, MGMT, and others in the neo-psychedelic and indie pop genres. They expressed interest in continuing their musical journey after receiving positive feedback and potential opportunities.