Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) provides individuals with a right of access to all recorded information held by New College Lanarkshire. Anyone can use the right, and information can only be withheld where FOISA expressly permits it.

FOISA requires New College Lanarkshire to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, and to publish information in accordance with that scheme. A publication scheme is a document which describes the information the College publishes, tells the public where to find it, and whether there is a charge for it. When deciding what it will publish, a college must consider the public interest in information about:

  • its services, the cost of providing services, and the standards attained by those services
  • the facts or analyses, or the basis on which it has made decisions of importance to the public
  • the reasons for the decisions it has made

The Act also allows the Scottish Information Commissioner to prepare model publication schemes which can be adopted by a group of authorities. The Commissioner has developed a Model Publication Scheme (‘MPS’) which is suitable for adoption by all public authorities, including Scottish Colleges. The MPS was last updated in March 2021 and information on the MPS and associated guidance can be found here: 

New College Lanarkshire has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s MPS in its entirety, without amendment. This means that we are committed to publishing all the information we hold, which is described by the classes in the MPS.

To submit a Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 request, please send it via email.