Foundation Apprenticeships

Gaining skills for future employment is a key focus for New College Lanarkshire and we are dedicated to providing opportunities to young people to ensure they are developing skills that will be useful in their future.

Our Foundation Apprenticeship programmes will give pupils in S5 and S6 exposure to the world of work while they work towards an industry-recognised qualification – all while allowing them to continue their school education.


Skills Development Scotland developed Foundation Apprenticeships to help Scotland’s young people gain valuable work experience and have the opportunity for work-based learning while still attending school.

As well as giving young people a head start on their future career path, these programmes identify exceptional young people who are committed to developing employment skills while training, and provide employers the opportunity to hand-pick the best of the future generation’s workforce.

Learning in the workplace.

Gain industry insight and a qualification

At New College Lanarkshire we offer twelve Foundation Apprenticeship frameworks which include Creative and Digital Media, Engineering, IT, Science and Social Services. 

These programmes have been developed by Skills Development Scotland to help young people gain valuable, real-world work experience and access work-based learning while still at school.

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Foundation Apprenticeships at NCL

Construction, Hospitality or Automotive

A Level 4/5 Foundation Apprenticeship is picked as a subject choice at S3 and up to S6. The three subjects are Construction, Hospitality or Automotive.

This apprenticeship provides opportunities of progression on to a Foundation Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 6, and develop skills to support a future journey into a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship or further education.

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Business Skills

As a business administrator or budding manager, you’ll have a highly transferable set of knowledge and skills that can be applied in all sectors. 

You’ll gain a Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills, which is the same level of learning as an SQA Higher (SCQF level 6). During your studies you’ll get the opportunity to learn about other management and business priorities, such as: digital marketing, procurement, supply chain management and enterprise.

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Creative and Digital Media

Calling all storytellers, techies, designers and creative thinkers. This is a Foundation Apprenticeship that lets you bring your ideas to life.

There’s a career for you in Scotland’s thriving creative industry – whatever your interests. It’s one of Scotland’s most diverse sectors, covering architecture, TV, radio, film, fashion and textiles, cultural heritage, design, journalism, publishing, music, visual arts, gaming and more.

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Engineers bring ideas to life. They design, create, test and improve all sorts of products and processes. From James Watt’s steam engine to Andy Scott’s Kelpies, Scotland is great at engineering.

It’s an industry offering careers in range of sectors including space, aviation, transport, medicine, technology and fashion. 

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Food and Drink Technologies

For anyone looking to pursue a career as a scientist, technologist or engineer, the Food and Drink sector offers a great range of rewarding opportunities which include fast routes to promotion.

You can help create the products of the future and there’s also a growing demand for engineering roles in the industry.

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IT: Hardware and System Support

ICT and digital technologies play a part in everything we do. In Scotland, over 90,000 people work in digital technology roles and the current average full-time salary for digital technology roles is £37,500, over 30% higher than the Scottish average.

There’s never been a better time to start your ICT career.

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IT: Software Development

Gaming, virtual reality, cyber security – the digital world is changing fast. You could help decide where it goes next.

In Scotland, over 90,000 people work in digital technology roles. The current average full-time salary for digital technology roles is £37,500, which is over 30% higher than the Scottish average of £28,000.

With this Foundation Apprenticeship, you’ll be setting yourself up for roles that are in demand not just now, but in the future.

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Scientific Technologies

Choose a career in science and help develop the medicines and biotechnology of the future. You could work in medical research or industrial, marine, plant and environmental areas.

Scotland has a thriving life science and related science sector. There are over 7,500 roles within life sciences related operations.

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Social Services: Children and Young People

Every child deserves the best start in life to grow up happy, healthy and confident. You can help make sure this happens.

With this Foundation Apprenticeship, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of different childcare roles. Look after young children, organise fun activities and give children and their families vital support by working in this industry. 

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Social Services and Healthcare

People are at the heart of healthcare and social services. If you have a passion for improving lives and helping others, a career in this rewarding field could be for you. 

A Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services and Healthcare helps you prepare for a wide range of different care roles.

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