CAD Team working to produce vital equipment


New College Lanarkshire is continuing in its efforts to help the NHS following a donation of PPE equipment from its science and beauty labs last week - this time using our 3D printing expertise!

Colleagues from the Computer Aided Design team have been working with 3D printing techniques to produce additional protective equipment for NHS Lanarkshire.   

Head of Faculty for Engineering and Automotive, Barry Skea, alongside CAD lecturers Ryan Sheridan and Lisa Nicholson, are using their skills to 3D print headbands for visors following discussions with doctors from NHS Lanarkshire.   

The team have four Ultimaker 3D printers producing more than 100 headbands per week to assist in the fight against Coronavirus.   

Barry said: “While working from home, it made sense to put the technology we have at home to good use. We all love a bit of 3D printing, so this helps to put a smile on our face for many reasons.   

“We are working alongside some 1,400 3D printer owners across the UK who have volunteered to use our machines to help provide PPE.  

"Our first delivery will be going out to NHS Lanarkshire next week and we will continue to print until the need is reduced".



Barry is also working to 3D print a facemask using Antibacterial Nanocomposite material. The material kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria.    

He continued: “In my experimentation, I have identified another application for this technology which may be beneficial for science and the arts in the future.”  

Principal and CEO of New College Lanarkshire, Professor Christopher Moore, said: “By bringing together the advances in modern technology with the desire to respond to human need, our NCL colleagues have made a vital contribution to protect people at this critical time.  

“I am immensely grateful and proud of this achievement.” 

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