Creating an inclusive community through make-up


HNC Fashion Make-up students from the Coatbridge Campus had the chance to learn about make-up and hairstyling for trans clients in a masterclass from MAC Cosmetics Retail Artists.

Bee Wallace and Mackenzie Da Assuncao visited the Coatbridge Campus to share their skills and give students a ‘no holds barred’ question and answer session – giving them the opportunity to gain information and seek guidance on how best to approach, support and provide make-up services for  clients irrespective of their gender identity.

The visit was organised by lecturers Rosheen McGowan and Ruth Allison to enhance delivery and assessment of a recently introduced unit to the HNC Fashion Make-up course – Make-up & Hairstyling for Trans Clients. It was also held to give students the opportunity to gain first-hand information from the Trans community and validate their role as make-up artists in supporting clients through transition.

The workshop included discussions about pronouns, how to address gender and how to carry out make-up on male to female transitioning clients.


Lecturer Rosheen McGowan said: “Our aim is to engage and work in partnership with the LGBT and make-up community to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where our students can hone their skills and provide guidance and support with personal appearance for anyone in transition; early stages or fully transitioned.

“Our mission is to promote the power of make-up in enhancing well-being, and assist any individual during and post transition irrespective of age, race or gender identity.

“When planning the delivery of the new unit, I felt it was imperative the students hear from those who live and experience life as a Trans person, including the impact of transitioning while working within the Make-up Industry.

“Bee and Mackenzie were very impressed by the students and the class were absolutely buzzing from the visit – commenting on what fantastic artists and spokespersons they were."

 Colleague and Lecturer Ruth Allison said: “I worked with Bee and Mackenzie at MAC and as a Retail Artist you encounter so many different types of clients with different expectations. Professionalism is key to everything you do as a make-up artist. The students were amazing and fully committed to getting as much out of the event as possible. Bee and Mackenzie had a great day too and are keen to come back to the College to support in any way they can.”

As well as the recently introduced course unit, New College Lanarkshire offers a custom-designed facility, My Hair & Me, in its Coatbridge Campus, which offers privacy to any Trans client looking for support and guidance with their personal appearance.

Donna Brogan, Curriculum and Quality Leader for Make-up Artistry at NCL as well as Senior External Verifier for Make-up Artistry at SQA, worked as part of the Qualification Design Team at SQA to write the new unit.

She said: “Make-up and hairstyling play a huge part in promoting an individual’s personal identity. In July this year the government proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 that would allow people to ‘self-ID’, meaning that a person seeking to legally change their gender would no longer have to undergo a long legal and medical process.

“I asked that this unit be included as an option in the new award framework as I felt strongly that, as an industry, we must provide our learners with a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to provide a professional service for all clients irrespective of gender identity.

“Having Bee and Mackenzie deliver such an inspirational masterclass was a truly remarkable experience for our students, and I am extremely proud of how well our staff and students fully embraced this opportunity. The feedback from all has been incredible.”

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