Published: 04/08/2023

Esports summer camp is a smash hit!

A wet and miserable July couldn’t dampen the spirits of attendees at our first esports Summer camp. The free month-long course was lead by lecturer Mark McCready and was a big hit.

Colette Chapel, 18, from Chryston said it had been ‘great fun!’

She said “Myself and a few friends have been involved within the gaming scene in NCL for a while now and the gaming industry is a big part of my life so having an insight into industry and being able to speak to big names and get their perspectives has been super useful".

Kieran McDougal, 19, said ‘I play a lot of e-sports in my free time, so it seemed like a no brainer to meet people’.

He went on: “As for my experience, it has been amazing, the influx of people that share my interests as well as Mark's own view on how the college and esports industries coincide is really eye opening.”

Paris Steel, 20, from Glasgow said ‘my friend who attends the college extended the invitation to me since it was open to more than just NCL students. My experience in the course has been a very positive one and has influenced my interest esports as one of my hobbies’.

“Esports continued growth is drawing attention on a global scale,” explained Academic Leader Brendan Burns. “NCL recognise the opportunities for students to enjoy careers in this evolving world, and are delivering courses to help enable this. The courses focus on the wrap around the games, and the requirements and skills for the organisation of events. These skills are transferable across multiple disciplines but students can find their path in an interesting and fun manner.”

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