Law students focus on mental health


A well-known writer and mental health professional recently visited law students from New College Lanarkshire to talk about stress as part of their Personal Development and Self Awareness unit.

Len Northfield, a motivational speaker from Lanarkshire Links, visited NQ Law students at the College’s Cumbernauld Campus to speak about the importance of mental health – especially for students starting taking the first steps towards their career path.

Involved in numerous groups across the country including Lanarkshire Recovery Network and Movement for Change, Len visited the students to discuss triggers for stress and how to cope when under pressure.

He explained recognising stress factors and implementing coping strategies, while explaining that students should not be afraid of failure, as we all fail at some point in order to achieve.

He also gave good tips on how to stay healthy, which involved ensuring students get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise – reiterating what the students had been learning in class.

His tips for self-care also went down well – explaining that it’s not about self-indulgence, but about self-preservation.

As part of his presentation, he stated: “Life is a series of hurdles. Think like a hurdler! Life is hard, but it’s wonderful. Everyone is different. We all deserve to be all we can be.”

The visit was organised by lecturer, Angie McCallum, who wanted to ensure that the students who are studying at New College Lanarkshire know how to cope with the stresses that life may throw at them.

The visit will now help students with their class project which involved putting together their own personal health plan, choosing from four topics from: stress, nutrition, exercise, smoking and drinking.

Angie said: “As we know, stress is an ongoing feature in life for most of us, but for students starting out on their path of further education, it is so important than they know how to cope with it to ensure they carry on.

“The talk gave the students the tools to recognise that some of their lifestyle choices are not conducive to good mental health and are becoming more personally aware of how to improve this – ensuring success in their coursework and everyday lives.

“I would like to thank Len for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit the students and share his insight into mental health and the importance of it.

“I hope that the students will take his advice forward throughout their studies at New College Lanarkshire and throughout their entire lives.”

Len also delivered staff sessions at the College’s CPD Week in August. 

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