Published: 22/05/2023

Magdalena’s magic photography!

A Polish NCL student scooped a top photography prize at Scottish Master Photographers Association Awards last night.

Magdalena Krasowska's stunning picture of wine (above) was the overall winner of the student category and received a trophy and prize of lab credit from Loxley Colour.


It was the last of 48 awards scooped by the ten NCL students at the award, demonstrating the quality in our photography department.

Magdalena said she ‘couldn’t believe it when my name was read out. I was so impressed by the standard of photography.”

She said: "I came to Scotland in 2006 and I did at HND in accounting at NCL but after my youngest child went to nursery I decided I want to work earn money doing what I love and came back to study photography.”

She’s about to complete an HND and said she’d loved her time at NCL.

“Well I’ve learned that anyone can take a photograph but not everyone can take a good photograph! I’ve taken so much knowledge, friendship and support from my time here. The teachers Fiona and Peter have been brilliant. And my fellow students Lyndsay, Katie, Kerry are amazing. We’re all the same age so we’ve gone through it all together and they’ve been amazing.”

Lecturer Fiona Thomson said she was ‘delighted by the success of all the student entries’.

“The quality of the work submitted was really high. The whole photography team is so proud of everyone and all their hard work.”


Full List of prize winners

Lyndsay Canning (HND) – 3x Award of Merit, 4x Award of Excellence

Barry Douglas (HND) – 7x Award of Merit, 2x Award of Excellence

Gerry Farrell (HNC) – 4x Award of Merit

Gregor Hamilton (HNC) – 2x Award of Merit, 2x Award of Excellence

Magdalena Krasowska (HND) – 3x Award of Merit, 1x Award of Excellence

Lisa McComb (HNC) – 5x Award of Merit, 1x Award of Excellence

Kerry-Jane McDonald (HND) – 4x Award of Merit

Lorraine Myszker (HNC) – 2x Award of Merit, 1x Award of Excellence

Kayleigh Nisbet (HND) – 2x Award of Merit

Katie Rodgers (HND) – 3x Award of Merit, 2x Award of Excellence


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