New College Lanarkshire in cutting edge move to improve support to students with care background


Martin McGuire, Principal of New College Lanarkshire, said: “It’s acknowledged that care-experienced people can face particular barriers which prevent them from taking up and sustaining a college course.

“New College Lanarkshire is determined to play its part in helping young people with experience of being in care have the same life chances as others, so they can become confident individuals and reach their full potential in life. 

“We welcome applications from people with a care background and we want them to be able to take full advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities available to the rest of the College’s 20,000-plus students.

“Our Corporate Parenting Plan is an important practical step towards ensuring young people have full access to – and remain in – a learning environment which will give them the knowledge and skills they need to flourish.

Jade Robertson said: “It’s really good news that New College Lanarkshire is taking care-experienced students seriously and offering a lot of support for them. The support offered in the Plan should help to improve our future prospects.” 

Ashley Cameron, a care-experienced 2nd year student at the University of Stirling and campaigner with WhoCares? Scotland, said: “I hope this ambitious and bold Plan marks the beginning of substantial change in the outcomes for care experienced young people.

“I see the potential and ability of care experienced young people every day and know that they have so much to offer. That’s why what New College Lanarkshire is doing is such a great thing.

“Many young people leave school and leave care with little belief in themselves, and very few qualifications. Just like I did.

“New College Lanarkshire plays a pivotal role in helping students build their confidence and take charge of their lives.

“It is so important that everyone in the College understands care experienced young people, listens to them and takes action to ensure that a young person’s start in life doesn’t determine their future.”

For further information about how New College Lanarkshire supports students with a care background or the Corporate Parenting Plan, contact Carolyn Laird, New College Lanarkshire Assistant Principal: Learning and Teaching tel: 0300 555 8080.

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