Nursery children learn emergency first aid from Care and Administrative Practice students


Nursery pupils have learned the basics of emergency first aid from students at New College Lanarkshire.

A group of pre-school children were taught CPR, the recovery position and how to dial ‘999’ recently at our Coatbridge Campus.

It was the first in a series of planned workshops led by HNC Care and Administrative Practice students aimed specifically at young children.

Lecturer and trained nurse Tony Brady said the tuition could prove critical in the event of a parent or carer suddenly taking ill.

He said: “A lot of children are at home with their grandparents in particular, and if something did happen then we want them to know how to react in an emergency.

“You often read stories about very young children being able to phone for an ambulance, so it’s really important at this young age – at an age when they can start taking that information in – that they’re shown what to do.

“This has been a breath of fresh air for our students – it’s helping to build skills in communication, organisation, time management and building up trust with others.”

Twelve children from Coatbridge Campus Nursery attended the 30-minute pilot session where they were split into three groups that rotated around ‘stations’.

The first station used mobile phones and drawings to teach children how to call the emergency services and how to use the speakerphone function.

The second station taught children how to roll someone into the recovery position, while the third used balloons to demonstrate the technique needed for CPR.

The three and four-year-olds each received a certificate stating they had completed basic first aid training.

Student Lee Veldon, 17, from Coatbridge, said: “Some of the children took a little while to get into it and focus, and others just took to it straight away.

“I was part of the recovery position station because I remembered a rhyme from when I was younger that helped in teaching them.

“I just love working with children and child nursing is something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Deborah Linnen, Coatbridge Campus Nursery’s Head of Centre, said: “Our involvement in the project enables children to learn lifelong skills and educate the children on ways to help take care of themselves and others.

“The children were so excited to share their new learning with the staff and their families – they returned with great ideas to add first aid materials, nurses and doctors outfits, and information relating to hospital into our imaginative zone.

“Our participation in projects such as this provides the children with a greater sense of achievement and encapsulates all aspects of the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’, as children become responsible, confident, effective and successful in their local community.”

The full-time HNC Care and Administrative Practice is offered at our Coatbridge, Cumbernauld and Motherwell campuses.

It provides a recognised entry qualification for nurse training in addition to teaching skills and knowledge relevant to a career in the health care sector.

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