ScotHot 2015 winners collect their awards


NCL prize winners from the ScotHot trade show at Glasgow’s SECC in March were awarded their prizes at an event at Motherwell Campus on 30th April. The ten winners were awarded medals and certificates by the Principal, Martin McGuire, in front of supportive classmates and colleagues.

Tony Mott, Curriculum and Quality Leader, Faculty of Service industries, said:

“Events like ScotHot help to promote not just the faculty but the College as a whole. For the students, these contests are not just about medals but what they learn on the day and throughout the process.  A big thank you to ESS Compass for their sponsorship which allowed us to cover costs including hotels, equipment, entering the competition and branded jackets for competitors. Thank you also to the staff members who supported the students even when they were competing themselves”.

Principal, Martin McGuire, said:

“I’m delighted to be here presenting the medals and certificates to the winners. The College overall is one of the biggest in the UK and is quickly getting a reputation UK-wide for skills. Students like yourselves are out promoting the College and winning medals – this doesn’t happen by accident. You put in a lot of hard work and have the opportunity to learn from the fantastic staff such as Tony, Darren and the lecturers on a daily basis. Congratulations on your success.”

Gold medal winner Barry McNairney, said:

“It was tough, we put in about 50 hours of preparation time and didn’t sleep the night before our competition but it was worth all the hard work to win the gold.”

The NCL staff and student winners were:

  • Paul Clark
  • Dougal McPherson
  • Lorna Robinson
  • Amy Brown/Chloe Robertson
  • Natalie McFarlane/Lianne Hallford
  • Danny McGowan
  • Barry McNairney
  • Kayleigh Turner
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