Students make money from rubbish for charity


Big-hearted NQ6 Animal Biology and Conservation students organised a series of events to increase awareness of the effect of plastic on our oceans and to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) - raising £584.43!

The students held a recycling awareness event on 11th December at the Coatbridge Campus, selling a range of environmentally friendly products including bamboo mugs, toothbrushes and biodegradable cutlery as well as home-made cakes. 

The students also collected signatures for a petition to increase the number of recycling bins on campus, encouraging fellow staff and students to join their plight to save marine animals and the environment. 

Not finished there, they also organised a sponsored clean-up of Drumperllier Park, braving the freezing weather to fill 16 bin bags and receiving a big thank you from the countryside rangers and the local community. 

The group handed over the cheque to Tara Proud from the Marine Conservation Society, who gave a talk about the effect of plastic pollution in Scotland and provided suggestions on what they can do to help reduce use of plastic.

Michael Balzo, lecturer, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic that the students have been able to translate their passion into action and were able to drive change at local level and, at the same time, make a difference in their local community.”

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