Students raise over £800 for Scottish Wildlife Hospital


Students from New College Lanarkshire have raised over £800 for a Scottish Wildlife Hospital after hosting a series of fundraising events 

Students studying Animal Care at the College’s Coatbridge Campus raised an impressive £818.52 for the South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital, which works to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into their natural environment while raising awareness and education around Scottish wildlife.  

The students raised the total following a series of fundraising events on campus in February, which included raffles, home baking and face painting. They also used the opportunity to put their learning into practice, sharing information with staff and students about Scotland’s wildlife and the importance of their fundraising.   

Michael Balzo, Lecturer in the Faculty of Care and Science, said: I am very proud of the students and the hard work they put into raising this incredible amount. They all worked hard and with so much passion to make the event not only fun, but also to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and helping our wildlife. 

They chose to raise funds for the South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital as it has an essential role in helping a variety of species, many of which have seen their numbers decrease over the past few years due to human activities.  

The Wildlife Hospital cares for injured wildlife, some of which are already vulnerable to extinction, including red squirrels, stoats, birds of prey, swans, ducks and bats. Hedgehogs are also common patients at the hospital and baby hedgehogs are often nursed back to health during the cold winter months.  

Another increasingly important part of this hospital’s work is its involvement in educating children and young people in appreciating and respecting Scottish wildlife.  

“The charity really ties in with what the students are learning while studying on the Animal Care programme so it seemed like a great fit to support the cause while advancing their studies.” 

The donation will go towards helping care for the animals to release them back into the wild, in the hope of boosting their numbers and reducing the chance of extinction.  

Pam Ewart, Chair of the South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital, said: “Thank you to all the students for their great effort in raising this impressive sum.  

“I hope that once the lockdown is lifted, we will be able to show our appreciation in person and continue working together to help Scotland’s wildlife.” 

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