Students to maintain Lifesavers vehicles


New College Lanarkshire has developed a unique partnership with a critical transport service to help maintain and repair their motorcycle vehicles to ensure safety and efficiency for the service.

The Faculty of Engineering’s Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance course has made the agreement with LifeSavers Scotland – giving students on the course a unique opportunity to work with real life clients while making a difference to an important service.

LifeSavers Scotland has a fleet of six bikes which are used to provide out of hours transport services delivering critical medical supplies to cover the needs of NHS hospitals.

The non-profit Charity, which is run completely by volunteers, runs emergency transport services from 7pm to 7am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.

The partnership came about after Curriculum Quality Leader, John Taylor, learned of the service and started volunteering as an emergency response driver.

He said: “With a fleet of six bikes available, only two are ever utilised at one time and we spotted an opportunity to repair, maintain and safety check the vehicles not on the road to ensure they are up to standard to be used at any time – which may result in more vehicles made available for emergency transport at one time.

“The opportunity will also give the students on the course the chance to deal with a real and extremely important service where their skills, dedication and focus really counts.”

Each bike will be brought into New College Lanarkshire’s state-of-the-art motorcycle facilities in the Motherwell campus on a rotational basis and will undergo full safety checks, inspections and any necessary repairs.

With more bikes being regularly maintained for circulation, there will be an opportunity for more volunteers to be drivers and make the vital deliveries.

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