British Sign Language

We know that getting the right level of support is important to you. 

If your language is BSL, support will be put in place to help you throughout your studies at NCL.

Our Communication Support workers will be in class with you at all times to:

  • interpret for you: hearing learners and college staff
  • interpret everything that is said or signed
  • sign handouts for you or change them into plain English
  • book camera equipment for assessments
  • explain the differences in D/deaf and hearing cultures to learners and staff as required 
SS - Young adults having a BSL conversation

Our commitment to you.

BSL is a language in its own right, with its own grammar, syntax and vocabulary. It has its own dialects and rich variation. Most importantly, it is a language which enables many of our D/deaf and Deafblind citizens to learn, work, parent, be creative, live life to the full, and to make their contribution to our communities, our culture and our economy.


At NCL, we are committed to protecting and supporting BSL applicants, students, staff and visitors to our college campuses.

As a BSL students at NCL, you will be supported to develop the skills you need to progress in your chosen career.

Useful links

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BSL Information Hub for Students (studying in Scotland)

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Our focus

Supporting your future

BSL Action Plan
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Our plan and supporting documents.

This British Sign Language (BSL) Plan, sets out the actions New College Lanarkshire will undertake during the period 2018-2024 to achieve the same long-term goals as the national plan, where these are relevant to the work of the College.

NCL BSL Plan - 2018/24

Scottish Government BSL National Plan 2017/23

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