Educational Learning Support



We want to make sure that every students get the best out of their time at NCL. By telling us about your disability or additional support needs as early as possible, we can identify any support that you might need, including any financial support you may be entitled to. 

Applicants can choose to disclose via you course application form. Students who choose to disclose via their application will be contacted by our Educational Learning Support team. We can then start to discuss what support or adjustments you think you will need.

How we can support you

Our ELS team is committed to providing high quality support to meet your learning needs. Our aim is to identify and provide appropriate support measures which will aid, develop and encourage you to fulfil your academic potential.

We can offer a wide range of support measures and have specific resources available to assist NCL students with:

• Learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia
• Physical disability
• Mobility difficulties
• Sensory impairment
• Health problems
• Mental health problems
• Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
• English language support
• Any other issue impacting on their studies

You can find out more by downloading our Learner Information Pack.

Find out more

Want to get in touch to discuss your learning needs or book an appointment with a member of the team? Here's how you can reach us.