Key Support & Absence Reporting

The Key Support Team’s main role is to deal with attendance, so we work very closely with students, lecturers and Academic Leaders to help and support maximum attendance at college. 

Absence Reporting

Exceptional Absence Authorisation Form

What we do

The Key Support Team’s main role is to deal with attendance issues. We know that regular attendance is closely linked to good academic performance, so it is in your best interests to attend each class if you want to be successful.

We work very closely with you, your lecturers and Academic Leaders to check your attendance, achievement and progress. This helps us to identify those of you who are finding it difficult to progress, and can offer support to maximise your attendance at College.


Talk to us if

You have any issues relating to your attendance at college.

You should contact us when you are absent from college.


Additional Info

Learner Attendance FAQs 

Online Absence reporting

Coatbridge Campus 

Room G98A

Open: 8.30am-4.30pm

Adviser: Gillian Robertson

Direct Dial: 01236 460280
Text 07950081237 - Students begin your text with 'KCO'

Cumbernauld Campus

Room NB01

Open: 8.30am-4.30pm

Adviser: Sean Barton

Direct Dial: 01236 784536
Text 07950081237 - Students begin your text with 'KCU'

Motherwell Campus

Room 1A03

Open: 8.30am-4.30pm

Advisers: Frances Riley, Alis Gray, Marie Johnston and Pauline MacFarlane

Direct Dial: 01698 232549
Text: 07950081237 - Student begin your text with 'KSA'