NQ Continuing Education with Higher English and Nat 5 Maths

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This course provides you with the opportunity to study a variety of subjects including Higher English, National 5 Mathematics and a range of social science units such as History, Politics and Sociology.


Entry is competitive and subject to interview. Applicants will be expected to have at least three National 5s / Standard Grades although evidence of having passed at least one Higher subject would be preferred. Those who wish to study Higher English should have already achieved National 5 English or equivalent (preferred minimum of a B). Likewise, the National 4 in Mathematics, or equivalent, will be required for course entry.

Part Time applications are also welcome. Part Time learners can study one or two subjects subject to candidate suitability and available places.


Higher English

Higher English involves the study of poems, a Scottish text and a play, as well as the writing of a Portfolio of Essays and the analysis of broadsheet-level articles. 

National 5 Maths

National 5 Mathematics covers all aspects of the national award.

Social Science

The course will also offer the opportunity to study Level 6 unit-only subjects such as Politics (political parties, theories and systems), History (Scottish and European) and Sociology (human society and social issues). 

Where can I go from here?

Graduates of this course will be able to go directly into the following courses: