NQ Music: Rock and Pop

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"It All Started Here" - Former student, Lewis Capaldi

Just like our former student, Lewis Capaldi, musicians and performers are among the most disciplined and dedicated professionals within the creative industries. Hours are spent perfecting their skills – not because they have to, but because it’s their passion. The music industry is highly competitive, but with the right learning and education it’s possible to get ahead of the competition.

Our NC Music: Rock & Pop course is delivered at our Motherwell campus by a team of practising industry professionals. Taught within our dedicated music rehearsal rooms and labs, this course is aimed at aspiring musicians to prepare them for progression to further study in music performance. As well as rehearsal and classroom based activities, there will be lots of opportunities to perform, with performance showcases taking place at Glasgow-based music venues including Box, The Classic Grand and Ivory Blacks. In addition to this, you'll have the opportunity to record at our state-of-the-art recording studios.



Entry requirements for this course include:

  • 2 National 5 awards (or equivalent). Preferably in the subject area of Music and English.
  • We would also consider a range of qualifications from National 4 and National 5.
  • Relevant experience may also be considered.

All applicants will be required to undertake an audition and interview.

You should bring copies of any qualifications you have with you and a passport size photograph. For this we ask that you prepare two contrasting musical pieces on your main instrument/voice, one of which can be an original composition.

Your main instrument should be either guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone or vocals. All auditionees should provide their own backing track(s).



The course is highly practical with a focus on employability and preparation for further study and/or gaining employment in the music industry. 

Choosing to study with us will offer an enriching experience in both the academic and technical pursuits of music. From music theory and history to performance and composition, this course will offer a diverse range of units from which to study.

You will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one lessons on an instrument chosen from the following options: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals and Piano/Keyboard from professionals who are still active within the music industry. Performance skills are also developed within weekly performance classes utilising our fully-equipped rehearsal studios and through frequent performance opportunities at venues across Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. You will also gain valuable ensemble experience by participating in groups and bands.

Music theory and history classes will deepen your understanding of style and musicianship as it applies to your chosen speciality and beyond. Regardless of your training background or skill level, our specially-designed theory classes ensure that all students can be accommodated. Further classes in Live Events, Songwriting, and Music Business Skills equip you for both the performance and business aspects of the music profession.

Modules covered include:

  • Music: Live Performance
  • Music: Songwriting
  • Music: Solo Performance (instrument/voice)
  • MIDI Sequencing
  • Creative Project
  • Music: Management in the Music Industry
Where can I go from here?

Graduates of this course will be able to go directly into the following courses: