BA Music Performance

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"I've got many happy memories here" - Former student, Lewis Capaldi.

Due to overwhelming demand and the unprecedented international success of previous students we are now offering a highly practical, one-year degree programme.

The music industry is one of the UK’s largest creative industries – and the BA Music Performance course opens doors for those with talent, drive and ability to forge varied, lifelong careers within this dynamic and ever-changing industry. Please note that delivery of this course will take place across our Motherwell Campus (Music related modules), Cumbernauld Campus (in collaboration with BA Sound Production and BA Music Industries students) and at Berkeley 2 Studios, the UK's largest rehearsal studio facility based in Glasgow for practical rehearsals.



To be accepted on to the BA Music performance programme, it is a requirement that students have previously gained an HND in Music or an HND equivalent (including previous experience) in a related subject. Entry is by audition only, where candidates will be asked to perform in front of an audition panel and take part in a short interview (more details are available once interviews/auditions are arranged). The audition process enables staff to judge a realistic assessment of your suitability for the qualification and awareness of the requirements for the course.


Our degree course offers a range of modules and a tailored Creative Project to enhance your repertoire. State-of-the-art recording and rehearsal facilities designed for this program are provided. You'll receive individual practical and collaborative group lessons from industry professionals. Performance opportunities are available in the college theatre and various venues across Scotland.

Ensemble Performance:
This module focuses on developing collaborative music-making skills within an ensemble setting. You'll participate in diverse ensemble configurations, such as contemporary bands, aligned with your musical interests and specialisation. Regular rehearsals and performances enhance your ability to listen, interact, and effectively communicate with other musicians. The module emphasises ensemble dynamics, musical interpretation, and achieving a cohesive and expressive performance as a collective unit. It fosters teamwork, musicianship, and a deep understanding of the collaborative aspects of contemporary music-making.

Music Research Practice:
This module aims to develop your research skills and critical thinking in music studies. You'll acquire tools and methodologies for scholarly research, analysis, and interpretation of various aspects of contemporary music. Exploring topics like music history, theory, composition techniques, cultural contexts, and socio-political influences, you'll learn to locate and evaluate relevant sources, conduct research using primary and secondary materials, and present findings in written or oral formats. Enhancing analytical skills and understanding music as an academic discipline, you'll contribute to contemporary music scholarship and discourse.

Solo Performance:
This module focuses on refining your skills and artistry as a solo performer. It emphasises technical proficiency, musical interpretation, and stage presence for solo performances on your chosen instrument or as a vocalist. Individual lessons and coaching sessions provide guidance and feedback to enhance musicality and technical abilities. The module encourages the development of a personal and expressive performance style, exploring various genres and repertoire that align with your artistic interests and strengths. You'll select and prepare solo pieces, incorporating improvisation, interpretation, and creative expression.

In addition to individual preparation, the module may include masterclasses, performance workshops, and public recitals. These opportunities allow you to showcase your skills, receive feedback from peers and faculty, and develop a deep understanding of your instrument or voice. You'll refine stage presence, gain confidence, and acquire the necessary skills for successful solo performances in contemporary music settings.